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How To Secure Your Magento 2 Website?

How To Secure Your Magento 2 Website?

The most popular ecommerce platform, Magento is with useful features and used by many stores across the globe. Magento helps to develop a powerful website for selling goods and services online by getting reliable service from Magento Development Company. 

There are plentiful inbuilt security features are available in Magento and it is recommended to implement some of security features to make the website more secure and sound. 

Let’s see some of the handful tips that will help you to keep your magento 2 website completely safe. 

Magento reCAPTCHA

You can use reCAPTCHA for your eCommerce store as a security check for your magento 2 website. It will help you to avoid spam as well as save your eCommerce store from attackers and intruders.

reCAPTCHA helps to comprehend whether the user login to your website admin is a bot or a human. If it detects any suspicious activity then it won’t allow it to proceed further.

Figure out a Secure Environment:

You can run your Magento 2 website using a secure environment. You can update your software and apply security patches regularly. If any unnecessary software is available in your server then you can either delete it or take help from your hosting provider. 

You can use secure communication protocols i.e Https, SFTP or SSH to manage your server files and using the admin panel you set access limitations. 

Update Your Website At Regular Intervals  

Magento regularly rolls out the latest version of software which includes bug fixes, patches, security fixes and some generic updates which are addressed by the Magento community or users. 

Many users feel that the newest version can be more frustrating than helpful, with magento 2, you will not have any kind of problem. You will find release notes with new releases so you can follow the steps and apply new changes in your existing store. 

Two-Factor Authentication Security Layer:

Now a secure password is not enough to keep your website protected. It is recommended to use two-factor authentication to enlarge the overall security of magento 2 website. 

Magento platform gives an amazing two-factor authentication that will add an additional layer of security. This extension will help you in such a way that only trusted devices can access your website backend via four different authenticators.

You can share the code with authorized users only. There are inbuilt extensions or some external plugins or extensions capable of providing security to your website.An authentic Magento 2 development company can help you to add a security layer. 

Manage Back Up 

A site backup may not help catering to suspicious activity or vulnerabilities arising in terms of security but it will help you once any disaster will come in your existing website. 

Nowadays, There are many cases of clout attacks, malware, and malicious files being added to  numerous sites on the internet. So, If hackers attack your website then you will always have backup from where your website can go live and start your business operation within a small time.  

It will also help you once your server crashes so it is advisable to take routine website backup and keep a copy of your website in a safe place so you can restore it any time once you need it. 

Never Install Extensions from Unreliable Sources:

There are N numbers of extensions available for eCommerce websites as the community of magento is very big so these plugins or extensions developed by either magento development company or individual freelancers or developers. 


These are helpful to add new features to the overall website but downloading them from unreliable or unauthenticated sources may cause issues in your platform. Hence, before you download plugins or extensions, make sure that you review the source and the developer. It is advisable to use  plug-in or extensions from a Magento eCommerce development company

Magento Security Tools to Scan your Store:

There are many tools available in magento to scan your website completely and one of the good things about these tools is that they are available as Free of cost.

This tool will scan your website and check unauthorized access, security risks, malware and other problems if it exists. 

You can scan your website either every week or every month to get updated reports and take some actions as per requirements. 

Disabling Directory Indexing:

One of the extensive ways to expand the security of Magento 2 websites is by disabling directory indexing, By this you can easily hide certain parts through which your domain files could be stored. 

This is a necessary method when it comes to preventing cyber attacks from accessing your Magento website, Core and primary files. 

Trustworthy Hosting Company:

One of the inexpensive and cost effective hosting services is shared hosting for any eCommerce business. It is a better option for a business who are running a start up but again you have to compromise with security of your store. 

You have to make sure that your hosting service service provider is a reliable and trustworthy company, No matter what type of hosting service you will choose. An established company knows about access levels restriction and security so it is better to choose a reliable hosting provider to avoid harmness of your company’s reputation in the future. CandidRoot, eCommerce website development services company can help you to choose the best hosting company from their past experience. 


Online customers always prefer a secured and trustworthy platform while purchasing products or services online so when you are running your eCommerce store then security is your priority and if any gap in security may result in loss of trust in your business which affects both website traffic and sales flow.  

This blog gave you an idea about some of the necessary and easy security measures and it is not difficult to keep your eCommerce portal protected from hackers or attackers. Get in touch with a trusted company that provides Magento 2 Migration Service. So, go ahead and start implementation of the latest Magento 2 platform with best security techniques to avoid future losses in business.

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