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Odoo 16 Roadmap - What are New Expected Features ?

Odoo 16 Roadmap - What are New Expected Features ?

A Roadmap To Odoo V16 Expected Features

Odoo is expanding every year with its features, Improvements, User-friendly solutions by keeping in mind Odoo users, Developers, Integrator which allows easy and reliable solutions for Small and Medium Scale Industries.

Odoo 16 is about to launch in October 2022 with better experience with improvements in Access, Data Management.

Key Points

  • Code Cleanup and performance improvements and it will take Odoo to the net level 
  • Accounting Localization support with high-performance
  • Improvements In User Experience 
  • Some additional features
    Let’s discuss in detail all new expected features of Odoo 16 one by one.

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Performance And Efficiency Improvement

When we are thinking of using software in a business then First thing that comes to mind is “Performance” about software which is the most important factor to grow any business. The latest version of Odoo has focused on Performance And Efficiency.

The performance Odoo 16 will be very quick and effective and once you will start using it, You will feel Improved speed, Efficiency and better UI which tends to business growth which tends to profitable business.

Enhanced User Experience

After enhancement of User Experience, Odoo 16 will be unique which can be used for any firm. There will be enhancement in each module.

There will be optimization in resource management of HR Team, Product Management of Sales Team so merge of Sales Module and Subscription to simplify management, Upgrades in Sign and Marketing module of Odoo.

Knowledge Module

Odoo 16 has a unique module called Knowledge which is the same as Wikipedia and Odoo 16 will be incomplete without this module. Using this module managers and professionals will be able to produce documents and it can share their expertise with each other.

This module is compatible with all other modules of Odoo which can help to improve productivity of business because communication and interaction between employee and Employer will improve.

If you are a business owner and looking to work your organization efficiently then Odoo 16 will be the right version to use.

Accounting Module

Odoo 16 will be with an upgraded Odoo accounting module with improvement in intrastate reporting, e-Invoicing methods and VAT ID validation for eCommerce Stores; earlier it was only for back-end.

Users can see Journal audit reports with simplicity so users can easily understand it and also enhance the information which is lined with VAT regulations.

New Bank Reconciliation Widget for faster accounting reporting with multi-currency handling.

It will give credit limit alerts for Sales and Invoices plus separate settings to enable OCR to create a client's invoice.

Marketing Module

Odoo 16 will be with an upgraded Email Marketing module which allows you to generate new templates using old layouts which were already created.

It will be easy to change the Global settings of the mailing list. You can quickly get the mailing address of your contacts.

Odoo 16 Dashboard has the facility to Retweet the older tweets to improve social networking and marketing. This tool will help you to manage your social media accounts to create an online presence of your business.

Website Module

Odoo 16 will be upgraded with a Website module to manage the front-end and back-end of a website in a single view so it will save your time while creating your beautiful website.

There are multiple tools to manage, Customise and control the website and the new website builder module will help you to manage your website more engaging and interactive.

Users can configure the website page without refreshing it every time. For easier access and control more filtering and grouping options will be added.

Coupons and Promotions for offers and discounts

It is easy to configure Coupons, Promotional Offers, Discounts, Gift Cards at single time which can be used at multiple sites like Sales Order, Website and Point Of Sale (POS) and eWallet is the new option which was not available in earlier versions of Odoo. 

Inventory Module

Odoo 16 will be upgraded with Inventory Module to streamline some operations of Inventory Management.

There are some updates like,

  • Users do not require to Press “Cancel” button for created back-orders so it will be done automatically in the new version.
  • It might be possible to get “prefixes” in shipping method rather than “from-to”
  • It is simple to scan package, pick and count the number of products
  • Easy to manage product replenishment of product or order

Sign Module

  • New feature in the Sign module is that users can decline or refuse to sign the paper and it is easy to change the Role of the person based on request.
  • It is possible to define “Stress Week/Days” for an important project so employees can easily understand the priority of the work.
  • Also management can see about Leaves, Open Days and allocation of time off.


Odoo 16 will have updates in the MRP module that users can divide and merge manufacturing order. If the manufacturing order is created by Sales Order then you can track the status of their manufacturing order.

Customers can easily understand the manufacturing process for products which they have ordered. There is an upgrade in the subcontracting portal where the subcontractor can record the production for you.


Odoo 16 is in development so apart from this discussed feature you will also get other additional features as well so it will be high level efficiency in ERP with new functionalities and a new user interface.

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