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Cielo Payment Acquirer

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Community Enterprise

Cielo Payment Gateway

CandidRoot Solutions with a feature that introduce new 'Payment Acquirer' method named 'Cielo'. you can configure 'Cielo Merchant Id' key and 'Cielo Merchant Key' key. it is one of the payment acquirer like Stripe, PayUmoney, Paypal etc.


This module will require registering in eCommerce Cielo https://www.cielo.com.br/e-commerce/api/

The credentials MerchantId and MerchantKey are secret and can only be acquired by contacting Cielo via e-mail.

full manual for API: https://developercielo.github.io/manual/cielo-ecommerce#vis%C3%A3o-geral-api-cielo-ecommerce

Go to -> Invoicing -> Configuration -> Payment Acquirers -> Cielo.

Go to -> Website -> Add to cart product.

Go to -> Website -> My Account.

Open any without payment order.

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