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How To Make Your WordPress Database Heart Healthy ?

How To Make Your WordPress Database Heart Healthy ?

Let’s consider your WordPress website as Human Body, Core code is the brain of your website and your theme and additional plug-ins is the central nervous system that will make sure that your site works as per your desire. Now your data is most important so we can say the database is the heart of your website where you can execute your queries and receive data from your audience.

It is necessary to perform regular maintenance for your website database as a part of your regular maintenance workflow. Today this article is about how you can make your WordPress database HEART healthy using simple Steps. 

H  : Have a Regular backup of Database 

E  : Eliminate the Unnecessary Data 

A  : Analyze and Check the configuration

R  : Reclaim Unoccupied spaces

T  : Transfer to production


Have a Regular backup of Database 

First of all define a timeline for regular backups of your database for proper data maintenance. If you are working in production or live environment then it is advisable to take backup and start working on your local. 

You can create a staging environment for development and maintenance and always keep an extra copy of as a backup of your website. Always use practice to work in a different environment than Production or In a local environment so if something goes wrong then your production site is not impacted. In case your hosting provider does not provide a staging environment then you can keep a copy of your website in a separate WordPress installation on your server or Windows virtual machine host or into a localized Mac. 

Eliminate the Unnecessary Data 

The Technique by which you reduce your cholesterol or Sugar in your body to live a healthy life the same way it is necessary to remove unused data from Websites. 

Most of the time the website's performance is down due to unused data or common content available in the website. 

There are WordPress plugins i.e Wp Sweep and Advanced Database Cleaner available to clean up your website professionally and it will also clean other items such as trash posts, Trash/Spam Comments, Outdated revisions and other expired transients.

Analyze and Check the configuration

Let’s take an example, If you are experiencing chest pain then you have to go for some reports i.e ECG/EKG or other cardiac test to identify causing pain in heart and similar to check efficiency of your website database, you have to follow certain checking process.

For example, By executing a command “mysqlcheck” along with the “–check” flag, It will identify indexing errors or any corrupted tables.

Reclaim Unoccupied spaces

In your body blood clots can slow down your blood flow in the body and your heart has to work harder and the same way empty cells or space in your database may lead to creating dead space & data fragmentation will help for optimization and reclaim the dead spaces of the database or reclaim disk space manually. 

Transfer To Production

When your heart is not functioning properly, You might have to go with a bypass surgery or operation with your heart and this is the last step once the previous four steps won’t work. 

The same way if your website is not working properly or damaged then you may change your hosting provider. In some cases there are no requirements to change hosting provider, You can reinstall or deploy repair databases to the live/production environment. 

If you are using WooCommerce website then you can keep a complete backup of new orders and merge it with your repaired database using WordPress tools. 


Human body requires regular checkups or visits to the doctor for routine check-ups. The same way it is advisable to check and perform maintenance for your website database. 

You can take help from WordPress Development Company for your database administration to make your WordPress database healthy, It is advisable to follow H.E.A.R.T tips on regular intervals. 

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