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List Of Top 10 Mobile App Development Framework

List Of Top 10 Mobile App Development Framework

Nowadays, organizations are shifting their business strategies with smart and innovative ways and switching their business from desktop application to mobile applications. 

Today we will see how apps actually work ? What are the technologies behind this ? There are many factors that need to be considered but one of the most important parts is the mobile application development framework. 

The framework which allows mobile app developers to create apps using debuggers, libraries, toolsets, features and many sub-components etc. 

Here is the list of top 10 frameworks that is used for mobile app development. 

Ionic  — Open-Source HTML5 Development Framework

Ionic, It is an Open Source HTML 5 Mobile Development Framework which can be used for cross-platform app development. It is with a specific set of UI elements i.e Forms, List views, Filters, Tab Bars, Action Sheets and navigation menu in app design which helps them for development of mobile app instead of only focusing on UI part. If developers have some skills of HTML, CSS or JavaScript then it is an advantage to deal with Ionic framework. It also supports from Android 4.1 and iOS7 to latest versions of both android and iOS. In addition to that if developers build mobile apps in ionic with PhoneGap then performance is higher than hybrid apps and with Cordova plugins to access some features like Camera, GPS, Flashlight etc.

Pros of Using Ionic Framework

  • Easy to use and adopt 

  • Cross-platform app development

  • Built with good UI elements 

  • Better performance

  • Development cost is low 

  • It is built on AngularJS

React Native

React Native, If you want to launch your mobile application for both Android and iOS platform then React Native is best suitable for it so code it once and use it everywhere. This platform is very popular amongst user and mobile app developers so most of the small to large scale companies are using it. 

This framework is basically used for high performance mobile apps with a short development cycle and fast deployment. One good thing about this framework is, It uses JSX which helps developers in terms of no need to learn complex programming for Android or iOS apps development. The performance is smooth as it converts the code into native views before rendering. 

Pros of React Native Framework

  • One code can be used for both Android and iOS

  • Big community

  • Good Performance 

  • Cost-effective solutions 

  • Easy and Simple UI

  • Framework with Modular architecture

  • Lots of Third-party plugins and Libraries 


PhoneGap is called Apache Cordova, It helps app developers to develop mobile applications which are installed as native apps across multiple devices. It is one of the best used mobile frameworks which need to create code once and use it as multiple versions of mobile apps. Another good advantage of PhoneGap is there are inbuilt device features like GPS, Camera, Storage, accelerometer, Phonebook  and much more.

Pros of PhoneGap Framework

  • It is Open Source

  • Every aps works like native 

  • Single code and use it for multiple versions

  • Easy development and Rapid Testing 

  • Less development efforts and time 

  • Robust backend and multiple plugins 


Xamrin is one of the most bright ways of develop app, Developer can use C# for developing Android, iOS and Windows apps. It is a reliable tool to provide adaptable native performance and backed with Microsoft technology with a large community. It is also with a super user interface with enabled control of the app. 

Pros of using Xamrin Framework

  • Cross-platform mobile app design and development framework

  • Native user interface and Controls that enable developer to create native app 

  • Easy API Integration 

  • Huge Developer Community 

  • Visual Studio included without any charges 


Flutter, A Software development kit developed by Google with faster coding capabilities which attracts developers to working with it. It enables app development very conveniently by single code base used for both Android and iOS. One of the good advantages is modifying old widgets and creating new widgets very easily. It helps to build responsive mobile apps that engage your target audience within a short period of time. 

  • Short time of Code Development 

  • Performance is similar to native 

  • Own app rendering engine 

  • Single code use for Android and iOS

  • UI and Business logic same on all the platforms 

  • Testing time is less 

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is used for cross-platform mobile apps for a short period of time and eliminates large development teams. It helps the developers in creating single code which works with all platforms like Android, iOS and nook. It includes interactivity and delightful graphics content into the apps. Also API for Gaming apps which allows app developers to monetize apps easily and quickly. 

  • Single code for multiple platforms

  • Lua Language which is easy to understand 

  • Monetization of app is easy 

  • Gaming Apps API

  • Rights for the source code

  • Faster performance 

JQuery Mobile

It is a JavaScript framework with a concise cross-browser. There are ready to use plugins like Content Slider, Image Slider, pop-up boxes and many more. JQuery is easy compared to JavaScript libraries as it will take less time to code for similar features development. Using this framework web pages are simple, interactive and user friendly. The best part is that it is readable by all search engine and optimized as per SEO 

  • Use for Responsive Web Design 

  • Concise with cross browser

  • No headeque for the app store approval 

  • Easy to learn and Code 

  • Used for Cross platform and Cross device mobile application 

  • Custom theme development is possible with jQuery

Intel XDK

Intel XDK lets developers build mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Nook and Amazon with a single codebase. It comes with Drag & Drop UI which helps to build UI easily. It also comes with an app debug option and profiling which helps testing on different devices easily. 

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is one stop mobile application framework which uses native UI components which gives great performance to its user base. It has independent APIs which help to access mobile hardware devices reliably and smooth.  

  • It is Open Source platform and It is Free as well

  • Easy to learn with drag & drop elements 

  • Great community support 

  • It is web oriented platform 

  • Works smoothly with multiple platforms

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI, The combination of BootStrap and Angular js. There are several interactive components like sidebars, switches, overlays and many others to provide strong mobile experience to users. In the current market it is a popular choice because of its several benefits. It is a structural Open Source platform for developing rich Android and iOS mobile applications.  It is compatible with cross-browser and it handles automatically JavaScript code to make it suitable for every browser. 

  • Supported by Google 

  • Simplified unit testing and code reusability 

  • Easy maintenance 

  • Simple and improved design architecture 

  • Improved readability 


We have seen a top list of mobile application development frameworks with some factors like budget, Development time, Compatibility of Operating Systems and much more.  You can easily compare each framework as per your requirements and choose the right one for you. You can consult CandidRoot, Mobile Application Development Company to choose the best framework for your Mobile app and discuss the requirements.

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