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CandidRoot Solutions, A leading Odoo Service provider company aiming to provide best and latest Odoo development services across the globe. We offer quick, effective, well crafted and planned services as per your operational requirements after our consultation and analysis about your business needs.

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  • CandidRoot gets you easy access to experts who can build your Odoo software and drive the growth of your business.
  • Starting from the development to staging to production, we take care of it all.
  • Whether it is Odoo CMS development, Odoo Theme Development, Odoo web development services, CandidRoot can cater to all your requirements.
  • We even offer customized Odoo development service as per the varying needs of different clients. We ensure quick deployment for our customers so that they can propel their business goals and achieve them.

Introduction to Odoo Development Services

Odoo is a modern Open-Source & Enterprise version Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system using Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS. It has become widely recognized for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of customization to suit specific requirements.

It is a complete solution for businesses across industries. alone, over 7 million users used Odoo worldwide for their business processes and operations.

We offer Odoo development services because we believe that all businesses should have access to the same software tools to improve growth and efficiency. At the core of our approach is the belief that no single company has the answers to every question a business faces. The way forward for companies is through collaboration and innovation, bringing together all parties involved to create a solid foundation for success.

What Services Does Odoo Development Include?

Odoo ERP Development

Odoo ERP is a popular business software that helps organizations manage their business processes. With Odoo ERP, businesses can manage their Sales, Purchase, Finances, Manufacturing, Inventory and Warehouse.

Odoo ERP is a powerful and versatile software that can be used to manage a variety of business processes.

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Odoo CRM Development

Odoo CRM Development is a process of creating an integrated application that allows users to manage and interact with customers and clients. 

Odoo CRM Development can be done in a number of ways, but the most common way is to use the Odoo platform. Odoo CRM Development is a complex process that requires a skilled Odoo developer to create an effective and efficient CRM system.

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Odoo CMS Development

Odoo is a popular open source business software platform that helps businesses manage their Website, Blog or Online store. 

Using Odoo CMS users can create their stunning website or blog using drag & drop snippets to make attractive websites to drive traffic into websites which helps to gain business growth. It can be easy to develop your reference design or wire-frame using Odoo.

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Odoo Module/Apps Development

It can be possible to customize Odoo to enhance the existing functionality of Odoo.With its robust module and app development capabilities, businesses of all sizes can easily create custom applications to track and manage their operations.

The Odoo app development platform makes it easy to create custom applications that integrate with the company’s existing systems. This means that businesses can easily create applications that automate specific tasks

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Odoo eCommerce Development

Odoo eCommerce Development is a process of developing an eCommerce website using Odoo eCommerce Module.

The Odoo eCommerce Development process starts by identifying your business’s Branding. If you want to create your robust online store with Online Payment and Shipping gateway then CandidRoot is the one stop destination to convert you design reference or Wire-frame into Odoo eCommerce Website.

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Odoo Web Development

Website development is in high demand nowadays for every business to promote their products and services. 

Odoo has a good website builder which can help you to create a website without HTML or JavaScript so if you want to create your own website using Drag & Drop then Odoo is the best option compared to others where you can update your blogs, Landing pages or any other simple websites can be done using website builder.

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As a leading Odoo Development agency, we've worked with 200+ businesses. We have provided innovative Odoo Development solutions helping startups, enterprises, SMBs, government, and many others. We understand the project requirements of our clients and provide them with Android apps that satisfy all their needs efficiently.


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What are the Benefits of Odoo Development Services?

Open Source

It is Open-Source software and has a Community version which is available for Free and easy to use and customize for your business.

Low Cost

Odoo Community version is Open-Source solutions so source code is available for Free so if you want to use the default system then it can be used with low cost and just you have to spend for service and it is cost-effective than other proprietary software.


Odoo has a user-friendly interface which is designed to give you a continuous overview of your business process.

No Vendor Lock-In

There is no vendor lock-in or dependency on the vendor because in proprietary software there is risk of getting locked by technology or vendor.


Odoo has a huge community so you will get many modules which are developed by Community or Integrator so that they can be easily used for your business.

Updated Technology

Odoo is having the latest technology as per market needs and Odoo is improving the products to meet the existing demand of the business day by day.

How Can Odoo Help Your Business?



Real Estate

Health Care

Finance & Insurance

Travel & Hospitality


Human Resources




Diamond & Jewellery

FAQs Of Odoo Development

The framework of Odoo is a multi-tenant & three-tier architecture :

Application tier for processing
Presentation tier for UI/UX of System
Database tier for data storage

It is built on Python language and OWL JavaScript framework.

There are following steps involved for Odoo Development,

Requirements Gathering
GAP Analysis and Requirements Mapping
System Setup
UAT and Training

It includes all the processes like installation, Server Management, Configuration, Module Management, Training, Support etc so it depends on the requirements so it may cost you around 5,000 USD to 50,000 USD and development time be 3 to 6 Months. 

Here are some of the aspects that you have to consider to find the right Odoo Development Partner.

The Track Record Of Company
Experience With Odoo
Functional And Technical Competency
Cost Management
Resource Availability And Domain Knowledge
Ask the company to provide reference of previous implementation

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