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CandidRoot Solutions is an Odoo Ready Partner that offers Odoo Integration with any third-party APIs like Payment Gateways, Shipping Providers, SMS Gateways, eCommerce Platforms and Biometric device integration with Odoo. We have a team of Odoo Developers and have completed Odoo integration projects across the globe.

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Odoo Integration

Odoo integration benefits firms in a variety of areas, including accounting, sales, finance, human resources, project management, eCommerce, communications, marketing, and more. You can use Odoo as independent software or link it with your other business needs.

Odoo ERP & CRM Integration Services

The Odoo ERP system is enterprise resource planning software that is used to manage business activities within the organization. Odoo apps are fully integrated and functional business applications that, when coupled, form an ERP solution. Odoo, a completely open-source business management system that serves as a one-stop shop for all of your business operations, will benefit every aspect of the corporation.

Odoo CRM is the Customer Relationship Management module of the Odoo platform. It allows you to see all of your leads and opportunities in one location, manage them from stage to stage, and evaluate your results. Odoo helps you alter your entire business operation, from product sourcing to sales, recruitment to payroll management, production to repairs, inventory management to logistic operations, and invoicing.

What Does CandidRoot Offer?

CandidRoot works with a primary focus on the consumer and strives to delight and satisfy them. The following are the Integration services that we offer;

Integration of Biometric Devices: We provide Odoo Integration services for biometric device attendance tracking. Several models offer biometric integration and include capabilities like thumb and face detection.

Integration of Payment Gateways: Our professionals provide payment gateways to enable clients to make payments. We provide a comfortable payment experience for customers by allowing them to pay in their currency. We provide payment gateway integration services for all of the major payment providers, including We Pay and PayPal.

Integration of Social Media: We incorporate every social media site into your sales process, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, or Google+. As a result, you can quickly gather information about your prospects and clients and export it to your address book.

What are Odoo API Integration Services?

Odoo API integration defines how the various components of the Odoo program will communicate with one another. Your Odoo API integration will be tailored to your company's specific requirements. Odoo integration will assist you in using Odoo in your corporate operations, allowing you to run your business the way it was intended. Odoo allows you to add and remove modules as your business evolves. This allows your organization to have a unique platform that can be altered based on your needs and preferences.

Odoo Module Integration

Odoo's website module allows you to easily Create, Design, and Manage a website. The Website module's innovative block structure makes it exceedingly simple to develop and design an eCommerce store or website.

Types of Odoo Integrations

Odoo's integration services enable it to provide multi-dimensional solutions for better organization of business activities. Odoo acts as a full business suite by integrating with third-party apps, allowing its users to satisfy their business requirements easily. The following are the types of integrations.

Get All Your Needs Satisfied with Our Odoo Integration Services

Payment Gateway

  • Payment gateways are a crucial integration to consider when running an online business. There are numerous payment gateways on the market. We provide the necessary Odoo payment gateway integration services based on the business requirements and the targeted clients.

SMS Gateway

  • Simplifying complex business tasks is simple when utility functions are integrated with the existing Odoo ERP system. These Odoo utility SMS integration services not only serve to streamline the work process, but also automate the business's workflow.

Social Media Integration

  • Being active on social media raises awareness, connects you with clients, and increases leads and income. It can also help with customer service and broadcasting crucial company news and messages. You can effortlessly manage anything with the Odoo social media integration.

Ecommerce Integration

  • Payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Ogone, Adyen, Buckaroo, and Authorize.net can be integrated with Odoo ERP. You can select the payment gateway that is most suited to your store. It provides you with more flexibility and a better customer experience. It not only provides a simple approach to managing all corporate processes, but it also offers a solid back-end procedure. If you use Odoo, you may manage accounting, inventory, purchasing, CRM, and other tasks from the same platform by utilizing a variety of Odoo apps.

Shipping Integration

  • Odoo Shipping Integration allows you to connect with 50+ shipping carriers. Odoo orders are immediately submitted to carriers, where they receive a shipping label, order tracking number, commercial invoice, and shipping cost.

Biometric Device Integration

  • Biometric Device Integration With HR Attendance is a module that allows you to customize HR attendance by connecting a Thumb or Face detection device. Simply enter the device's IP address and port number to setup it up. Then enter the biometric id provided by the device for the specific user.

Why Choose CandidRoot for Odoo Integration?

We believe that combining Odoo with other operational application tools would pave the way for effective management and control of the business. We offer the best integration solutions with a variety of well-known solutions, including Payment Gateways, Social media platforms, eCommerce platforms, Text message service providers, cutting-edge biometric devices, Shipping integrators, and more, in order to meet the demands of business operations in an organization.

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