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Odoo Customization

Odoo Customization

Customization gives users a unique experience in an application by concentrating on their needs and suggestions. Odoo offers a completely functional solution to satisfy an enterprise's needs. You can add the features your company needs to the Odoo ERP system through customization. It removes any extraneous features that can perplex a customer and enable you to modify the source code to fit the requirements and features of your company.

Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo ERP Customization enables enterprises to boost competency and maximize their unique skills. It is critical to tailor your business software to your specific requirements. The primary benefit of having customized Odoo ERP software is that it can suit your unique business needs. Businesses must use this capacity intelligently and adapt their Odoo ERP software for an organized workforce and a highly optimized workflow.

Odoo CRM Customization

One of the essential and crucial elements of any business is its relationship with its customers. To manage the relationship and data between you and your customers, you can configure your CRM to your needs and expectations.

Odoo Website Customization

Odoo's incredibly adaptable website creation tool makes it easy for you to professionally customize web pages to suit your needs. As is common knowledge, a website's aesthetics play a significant role in attracting visitors. You can easily build and change each page of your website using the sophisticated customization capabilities in the Odoo ERP system.

Odoo POS Customization

Odoo POS Order Customisation allows POS Users the opportunity to modify a product or order based on the needs of the customer and also charges an additional fee for product customization. As a result of product customization, you may additionally charge an additional fee.

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Odoo Customization Process

The following are the steps we take to provide a hassle-free service.

To learn more about your goals and requirements, we will arrange a meeting with you and our technical staff.

We examine the discrepancy between your needs and the features offered by Odoo.

An investigation into whether it would be possible to implement the suggested changes in Odoo without endangering the platform's performance or affecting its default features.

You will receive a preliminary cost, time-frame, and implementation estimate.

We are awaiting your consent before proceeding.

The platform will be developed in accordance with the demands and specifications, as well as the standards.

To estimate dependability, many integrated and unit tests will be performed. And finally will receive the completed and tested modules.

Why Choose CandidRoot for Odoo Customization?

CandidRoot is one of the most popular open-source enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) because it is flexible, simple to learn, and adaptable to corporate needs. 

CandidRoot's developers have honed their skills in Odoo Customization via years of expertise. Odoo allows you to personalize the business solution and just pay for the features you utilize, making it more cost-effective.

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