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WooCommerce 4.0 Released – What Is New In The WooCommerce Store ?

WooCommerce 4.0 Released – What Is New In The WooCommerce Store ?

It is necessary to get awareness of WooCommerce when you are dealing with WordPress. From the heading of this article, You have an idea about what we are talking about - the latest version of WooCommerce plugin. 

The WooCommerce 4.0 is here ! and this is the “major update”

  • It’s all about transition towards a more react-driven experience. 

  • Intensify management panel 

  • Reporting tools and analytic will be more effective 

  • WooCommerce Admin is integrated with WooCommerce Core. 

  • Simplified notifications

  • Store management tools are improved 

Let’s check details by this blog for the latest update of WooCommerce 4.0.

WooCommerce Admin

WooCommerce Admin

Image Source: woocommerce.files.wordpress.com

New admin interface is very important and it provides Javascript to manage online stores, some enhancements are follows,

  • New dashboard is very much streamlined 

  • New and improved reporting structure 

  • Notification experience is better now 

  • Storage management tools 

New admin dashboard is having good reporting then earlier versions and now it allows to do compare and filter data. 

It is possible to check an overview of a store's performance i.e Sales, Revenue Generation, Highest or Popular selling products and these features are useful for better customer management. 

  • Old reports are not being removed in new version 

  • Reports will be taken down and withdraw by providing sufficient notice to all users 

  • Data from old reports can be exported as CSV so it can be easily use with other systems

Action Scheduler 3.1

The Action Scheduler was already an essential component and it is already in WooCommerce Core. The version 3.1 of Action Scheduler has been added in WooCommerce 4.0. 

Action Scheduler makes use of custom tables for stores that handle a large number of orders and it is basic technology that enabled WooCommerce Admin. 

It is essential to have an Action Scheduler because more than 10K sites already use it with  the WooCommerce Subscriptions 3 Plugin and it shows the significance of Action Scheduler.

Upgraded Onboard Experience

Upgraded Onboard Experience

Image Source: woocommerce.files.wordpress.com

Additional Updates In WooCommerce 4.0

Apart from the new WooCommerce admin, Please check following enhancements in 4.0

  • Improvements in the order edit screen 

  • Fixes for WooCommerce Blocks package 

  • Updates for Brexit and VAT

  • Email handling improvements 

  • Different payment options 

  • Optimization for saving variations 

Apart from these enhancements, This release also has some tweaks, new hooks, and fixes. You can find more information from here

Requirements for WooCommerce 4.0 

  • Must have WordPress 5.3 

  • Upgrading an existing installation, There should be WooCommerce 3.6.0 or greater 

  • PHP version should be 5.6.20 or higher and recommendation for PHP version is  7.2 or greater

  • Database version should be MYSQL 5.0 or greater and recommendation is MYSQL 5.6 or higher

Template File Changes

Please check details below for changes in Template files updated on WooCommerce 4.0.

Template File Changes

Source : https://woocommerce.wordpress.com

Upgrading to 4.0

It is a major update of WooCommerce, This 4.0 version is not entirely backward compatible with previous versions of WooCommerce. 

The most important change is on the Database level of the Action Scheduler. We recommend to look at guide for WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin (Which includes new version of same library) 

Once you are done with the upgrade of WooCommerce 4.0, You need to run some post-update database upgrade routines. If you are upgrading very large database, It is preferable to upgrade via WP CLI command wp wc update instead of admin interface. 

Deprecated Functions and Methods

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