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WordPress 5.4 Release : New Blocks, Features and APIs

WordPress 5.4 Release : New Blocks, Features and APIs

WordPress 5.4 released on 31st March 2020 with its major release of this year for the WordPress community worldwide. 

WordPress 5.4 named “Adderley“.

This version is launched with some new features, enhancement and bug fixes for block editors. These changes will affect the functionality, User experience and accessibility along with its new APIs, Improvements in UI navigation and changes which are focused for developer and community. Let’s check details about new features, 

Two New Blocks Added and Better blocks overall 

  • Two brand new blocks : Social icons and buttons have been added which is fast and easy to access. 

  • New Options in Color : It easy to add gradient color on the buttons and cover block, Color option in rich text blocks, Color option for group and column blocks. 

  • Multimedia Handling : This latest version enables placing multimedia in different blocks and it works for all the blocks. 

  • Using Media + Text Block  : Now it is easy to use media with text in blocks and easy to add links or brochure that is available for download

Display Featured Image in Latest Posts Block

This is a newly added feature in the block editor using complex blocks. In this latest version, It is easy to allow uploading posts from any particular category. But it is not possible to categorize queries by post types or tags or include/Exclude the posts. 

It is easy to find our posts from a list of featured images and easy to customize image size along with its alignment. 

Introduced Other Block Editor Changes

  • New model introduced so it’s easy for new users 

  • Clear and easy navigation with block breadcrumbs

  • Easy to Drag-and-drop option in the image box

  • Resize an image in the gallery

  • Easy table block options 

  • It is easy to color the texts once required any part of blocks

  • Easy to access on the interface

  • Easy to select multiple blocks at a time

  • Easy to change image title within the post blocks

  • Better tabbed navigation with settings to change the sidebar

WordPress 5.4 UI Offers Easy Navigation

  • It is easy to select the blocks with easy navigation 

  • The typing board and editor load faster compares to previous version

  • UI comes with Welcome guide window which will help for better accessibility of WordPress

  • Easy to edit the inside block 

  • Easy to Know whether you’re in a block’s Edit or Navigation mode.

  • If you have restricted vision then your screen reader will tell you about the mode you’re in.

Developer Focused Changes 

Now it is easy for developers to add custom fields options into the menu items without using any kind of plugin options. Let’s check the following steps,

  • Admin Screen → Open Menu 

You will find the ‘wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields’ available on screen under the menu editor before the move button.

  • Under the customizer option,

You will find the ‘wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields_customize_template’ available at the end of the menu item form template.

Now, You have to check If new changes made can replace the code so it is good to use the latest version of WordPress for the smooth functioning of the platform.

Simple Style of Blocks

  • Simple style blocks with new APIs and facility of embedded links in it which supports HD video files to make the post an attractive one

  • Option to customize styling of blocks and easy to use each of them

  • Gradient color can be used for blocks variations 

  • Users can build plugins in the interface and also register for the collection of blocks under different categories which helps to boost brand visibility through online platforms

Conclusion :

The latest version of WordPress 5.4 will help users for better use of block editor. Users can embed HD video links, images, and texts in the blocks making it easy to create blocks. It helps to boost brand visibility or convey brand messages to target audiences easily. If you want to upgrade your current WordPress version to WordPress 5.4, Get in touch with us, CandidRoot WordPress Experts. Also Latest version helps for better customization with the latest features introduced in WordPress 5.4

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