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Android and iOS App Development With Odoo Backend

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We have developed Android and iOS Mobile applications for our clients who are using Odoo as a back-end operations and out of which some of the modules which require Mobile App.We approached phase wise development for Mobile app. 

Technologies & Tools :   Odoo Back-end, Android, iOS, React Native 


Phase 1 : CRM, Contacts, Calendars

Mobile application for Odoo CRM module where we have created Login Interface to login with the system to use following functionalities,

  • Login Screen Design 

  • CRM 

    • Leads

    • Lead Form View

    • Lead Stages & Status 

    • Lead Creation

    • Register Call

    • Lead Status with different color as per design

    • Lead Chatter

    • Planning of activities 

    • Log Note to Lead

    • Lead Edit, Delete Lead and More options like Duplicate, Call, Send email etc

  • Contacts

    • Search All Contacts from Odoo Database 

    • Call to lead number by click on call button 

    • List view and Form View 

  • Calendars

    • All activities Calls, Emails, Events and Todo

  • Offline Functionality of Mobile App

  • Push Notifications Functionality using Firebase 

Phase 2  : Custom Modules, Homepage, Product Details

Once We have delivered the Initial phase of the mobile app successfully after that customer came up with the second phase of Mobile app which is for custom modules of their business processes with below mentioned functionalities,

  • Open Up page based on notifications 

  • Home page of Machine Installation 

  • Maintenance Requests

    • Display requests for Today, All, Future or Finished 

    • Status & Stages of Maintenance Requests  

    • List View & Form View 

    • Client details of Requests 

  • More options to Delete, Duplicate, Call, Invoice and Substitution of machine for Maintenance Request 

  • Work Report View 

    • Signature on Work Report 

  • Products

    • Add products

    • Form View of Product

    • Inventory Status of Product 

  • Client details and based on address it shows location on Map or Browser 

  • Offline Functionality of Mobile App

  • Push Notifications Functionality using Firebase 

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