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POS System For Retail Business

Retail Point Of Sale (POS) system is with a very simple and user friendly interface and it can be worked online or offline on smart devices like Laptops, Android Tablets, iPads etc .

POS system is very easy, fast and simple to manage your sales, Accounting, Stock and shipping which helps your business to make it faster and smoother.

There are some activities in the business like Store Management, Payments, Checkout, Customer & Loyalty etc.

Point Of Sale system is a fully integrated application which allows any transaction, Product moves register in stock automatically and gives real-time statistics and consolidation across all the store or shops.

POS For Retails Business is very easy, Convenient and hassle-free payment processing with various methods like Credit Card, Cash etc and it is easy to process multiple orders at the same time and generate customized receipts as per your business needs.

Intuitive dashboards

Provides business analysis to make proper decision making

Multiple Billing Counter/Cashiers 

Enable multiple transaction with multiple counters.

Multiple Payment Systems 

Provides multiple payment methods like Cash, Bank, Card etc     

Hybrid POS

Point Of Sale which provides easy and efficient transactions with customer

Discount, Offers & Loyalties 

Easy to create discount, offers, Loyalties for customers

Easy & Fast Billing

Simple, Easy and Fast to manage multiple customers

Easy Product Creation

Allow to create products easily

Inventory/Stock Management

Facilitates to manage stock and inventory of the system

Accounting Features 

Easily Mange Invoice, Bills with reporting

Bulk Product Import 

Allow bulk import of products into system

Barcode Generation For Products

Help to reduce errors and easy to scan the products

Easy Return/Exchange 

Help to manage your return & exchange of sold products

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Benefits To Use POS For Retail Business

Increase Efficiency

POS for retails business will help you to manage your order process, Sales, Invoice, Inventory with data driven decisions which saves your time & efforts.

Improved Sales

Track your sales in real time and use the report data to make better decision like which products to stock, set better price for product to increase the sales of your business.

Better Inventory Control

By using the system, you will have real-time inventory data which helps you to avoid under-stocking and overstocking situation which helps you to save your money and improve customer satisfaction.

Insight Of Your Business

Nice Dashboard along with the system by which you can see every details of your business to make a proper decision about next strategy.

Improved Customer Service

Manage customer information, track their information & purchases to build a strong relation with customer

Scalability of The Business

Manage your multiple stores using single location and get real-time business analytics to scale your business effectively.

Feasible Solution For Following Industry

Supermarkets & Groceries


Departmental Store

Electrical & Electronics Store

Pharma & Health Care 

Medical Store

Apparel & Footwear

Lifestyle & Fashion

Optical Shop 

Spa & Saloons

Hardware & Sanitary

Sports & Games

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