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Looking for an ERP Implementation Consultant? Checkout the 7 Tips

Looking for an ERP Implementation Consultant? Checkout the 7 Tips

To find good ERP implementer is not an easy task. Whether you are trying to implement ERP or Software for your business, A great ERP implementation consultant can helps you to implement project successfully.
Any ERP implementation requires good planning and it will take time from few months to years depending on complexity of project to make it successful.
Business can not take risk of money and time.So, it is always better to handle the per-requisite before jumping into the ERP bandwagon.
To help you succeed in an ERP implementation, we provide you seven tips that can help you to find a great ERP implementation consultant and make your business a successful one.

1. Knowledgeable Selection Team

Knowledgeable selection team can help you to elevate and remove most of the problems during the starting phase of project. The team should be with good knowledge of comprised of subject matters, business experts, and IT specialists which help the required work can be moved forward.

To make sure that the team works at their best, it is necessary to follow the below mentioned points.

●     There should be no unfairness or agenda in the team.

●     The team members should represent the associates.

●     They have trust in each other and should speak up for the problems of the associates.

●     Decision making should be quick and respectful.

●     The team should be small so that they can easily collaborate and communicate with each other and which will also help them to reach a point where decision making can start.

2.Having a clear understanding of what you need, an objective selection criteria

The focus of the team is to figure out the objective selection criteria for the ERP implementer. And the objective need not change over time during the selection procedure. This will help you to focus on the needs of your business and not the other way around.

3. Understand what your consultants has to offer

How many do businesses understand the pool of consultants they have networked with? It is tough for them to know what they have, but it always helps to know each consultant holds. It is also a good idea to know the firms with which the consultants are working with.

To make a successful interview or proposal, it is always a good idea to meet with the potential consultant several times before calling in the RFP(Request for proposal). This will help not only you but the consultant the needs of your ERP implementation.

For example, Odoo Consulting always provides a wide range of consultants and you should be wary of which one to pick and request a proposal. This will save your time as well. After all, Open source ERP implementation is now a hot topic and in demand.

4. Find out your needs -- Being Specific

Before sending out the RFP, it is a good idea to sit back and reflect on what you need. Sending a substandard RFP will attract both serious and habitual bidders and it will make your job tough in the long run.

To make sure that your proposal is a top one, make sure you think about the following and include in the proposal.

●     What your work is all about -- discuss the scope of work.

●     What expertise are you looking for? Also, mention the vertical expert you are looking for. Expertise is now a big thing in work.

●     What your firm can offer to the consultant? A team? a product to help? anything else?

●     Always mention the time-critical milestones in a summary which will help the consultant to understand your requirement better.

●     Experience required by the candidate.

●     Any additional information or expectation that you need or want.

5. Make use of Time

Use time as a valuable resource. If you see potential in a firm, pursue them and not fix appointments with other firms or consultant. The time saved can help you invest in the best possible match.

6. Research Before You Pull The Trigger

It is always a good idea to research on your own. This will help you to handle inconsistencies in the promises of the consultant and tell him to change few things before the trigger is pulled.

To make sure that you make the right decision, do the following things.

●     Use the network to your advantage. Check what the past or current clients hold for you. Also, try to find out other references that can help you gain a possible advantage on the current working status of the consultant.

●     Check the firm's reputation in the market and quantify yourself.

●     SWOT analysis can further help you find if the consultant is a good fit for your job.

●     How strong is the consultant? How many projects are completed by him? and other questions need to be answered.

●     Implementing an ERP is a tough task and to make it successful, you need to find an ERP implementer or a consultant that can lead the implementation to success.

7. Your ERP Partner Is Long-Term!  

An ERP implementation is a complete process which affects a to z of a business. ERP partners must be chosen to make your operation’s success and it is not just one day or starting day.  Your ERP partner or consultant must care about the nature of your business.

To make a desire proposal, it is better to meet with the prospective partner several times before giving confirmation of the project which will help not only you but the consultant as well.

Implementing an ERP system is a tough task and to make it successful, you need to find ERP implementer that can lead the ERP implementation to be successful.

We hope you found the above seven steps useful and it will help you to find the right consultant.

Get in touch with us for the most efficient custom Odoo ERP implementation solution or Customized Odoo development Services.

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