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Complete Guide For Quality Management In Odoo 13

Complete Guide For Quality Management In Odoo 13

In a business, You need to adapt quality control to deliver products to your customers. In order to deliver a good quality product, It is required to process Quality Checks before completing production. The product must be passed through various quality checks at different stages of production.

Let’s discuss complete details about the Quality Management module of Odoo.

Install Quality Module

Once We open a quality module in Odoo, We can see the Kanban view of the Quality module with the Quality Teams.

Quality Module In Odoo

In your business if you need more than one Quality Teams then you can easily create it. 

To Create Quality Team, Quality → Configuration → Quality Teams and Click on Create button.
Quality Teams In Odoo

You can fill all the details and Create a new quality team and Save it. 

Now We can see two teams of Quality in the overview of the Kanban view.

Quality Overview In Odoo

Quality Control Points

Now We can create the quality control points under the Quality Control Menu and we can specify Quality Control Points for products to check it, I.e How these quality points should be checked and what to check ?

Go to Quality → Quality Control → Control Points
Quality Control Points In Odoo

Once You click on the Create button you can define Quality Control Points. 

Quality Control Points In Odoo

This is the Form where you can create Quality Control Points.

Title: Define name of the control point

Product: Select the product to check the quality

Product variant: Select product variant If the product has any variants

Operations:  Select the operation for which need to conduct the quality checking 

In Business, There are some operations like, 

  • Delivery : Define quality check at the time of Product delivery 

  • Receipts : Define quality check at the time of Product receipt  

  • Manufacturing : Define quality check at the time of Product manufacture  

After that there is option of,

Control Type : Here we can mention at what intervals we need to do quality check in our business. 

i.e  For All Operations, Randomly and Periodically

Type: Define some types of quality check,

  • Text 

  • Take a Picture 

  • Pass or Fail 

  • Measure

Team : Define Team for Quality Check 

Responsible : Define Responsible person for Quality operation 

Let’s check how it works, 

Here we have the quality check for the product Cabinet with Doors at the time of delivery.

Quality Control Points In Odoo
Now, We will create a Sales Order with the Product Cabinet with Doors and click on its delivery Order.
Quotation In Odoo

Now in the delivery Page, We can see that Quality Check is Active now. 

Quality Check In Odoo

Now once we click on the Quality Check button, It will redirect it to another page in which all the products are listed which are under Quality Checks.

Quality Check In Odoo

Now Click on the Product : Cabinet with Doors

Here we can click on Pass or Fail after checking Quality of Product after that we can able to process Delivery Order of that product.

Quality Checks In Odoo


We can click on Quality Checks On Delivery Order

Quality Checks In Odoo
Once We click on the Quality Checks button, It will open with one Pop-up window where we can define Pass or Fail for this product.

Quality Checks In Odoo
You can click on smart button Quality Checks and it will open another window where we can see the status of Quality Checks.

Quality Checks Status In Odoo

You can also check Quality Checks From Quality App. 

Go to  Quality →  Quality Control →  Quality Checks. 

It will open with the same window of Quality check where we can see all the products which were gone through Quality check and their status.

Quality Checks In Odoo

Now, Let’s Check What happens if the Quality Check Fails? 

When we are delivering a product, At that time if product damage or any other problem then Fails in the Quality Check. 

This kind of scenario, The “Quality Alert” button will appear and “Quality Check” Smart button will be with RED Color.

Quality Alert In Odoo
Once We click on the “Quality Alert” button, It will open another window with Quality Alert.

Quality Alert In Odoo

Here, We can mention following details, 

Title: Define the title of the alert.

Product and product variant: It will automatically filled by clicking the quality alert of that product.

Lot:  Define the lot number of the product

Team:  Here we have to mention the quality check team here

Root Cause :  Define main reason or cause of the quality check fails i.e Parts Quality, Defective parts etc

Description: We can add some description about the quality issues

Corrective actions : Here we can mention the corrective actions by which we can solve this issue

Preventive actions:  Here we can mention the preventive actions by which we can prevent this issue

You can see created Quality Alert by its corresponding quality team

Quality Overview In Odoo

Once we click on Quality Alerts, We can see different stages of this alert, Status of Alert until the issue has been solved. 

Quality Alerts In Odoo
  • When New Alert Will come it will be in New Stage 

  • When the Alert is verified by team then it will go to confirmed stage and it is easy to Drag & Drop to any stage 

  • Once Corrective action proposed it will go to “Action Proposed” stage

  • At the last once issue has been solved, It will go to “Solved” Stage 

As per business operation we can create stages and even delete it if it is not required.

Conclusion :

This is all details about Quality Management in Odoo 13. You can get more information about Quality Management with Odoo and Odoo services from us. CandidRoot, Odoo Service Provider Company is always ready to help you with all your issues related to Odoo and provide various Odoo services like Odoo implementation, Odoo integration, Odoo Customization, and much more.

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