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Odoo Events - Create events that resonate with your audience

An all-in-one event management platform, capable of handling events of any type or scale.

Odoo Events covers all aspects of an Event Planner's job from event organization and ticket sales to visibility and promotion.

Odoo Expenses

Are you prepared to streamline your expense management process? Meet Odoo Expenses, a comprehensive solution that can help you streamline your spending tracking, management, and reporting.

Odoo Expenses keeps everything organized, so say goodbye to that receipt envelope!

Odoo Field Service - The multi-tool of the Odoo apps!

Odoo Field Service is the Swiss knife of the Odoo apps. It’s the tool that will help you and your employees deliver excellent services to your customers everywhere: from the administration to the face to face service, all of this is packed in an intuitive interface.

Odoo HR & Recruiting

Recruitment, appraisals, attendance, training, fleet/vehicle management, and more!